Christmas Cookie Packaging Two Ways

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It's officially the best time of the year--Christmas cookie time! This year I wanted to find a way to package christmas cookies (and other small gifts) in a way that was festive but also inexpensive and this is what I came up with! Two options: mint green and holly red

First though, PSA, this is literally the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the entire world. Hands down. No competition. I almost have it memorized I've made it so many times. It is a little more laborious than the Tollhouse package recipe but I promise it's worth it! There are 2 types of flour in it which makes it crispy on the outside and chewy inside. Also you have to let the dough sit in the fridge for 36 HOURS. Torture, I know, but it really helps the flavors caramelize! Even if you can just let the dough sit for 6 hours your cookies will be better. Also these recipe is meant for BIG cookies. I made mine smaller for gifts but I would recommend trying it out first as the cookie gods intended it to be. Also, no judgement if you eat the whole pan. 

Once the cookies have cooled put them in stacks of 5-6 and tie them up with baker's twine. 

I think everything is cuter with a label so I took an old trader joes bag and traced a flag shape and then hand-lettered the cookie flavor then used a safety pin to make a hole big enough for the twine to pass through.

Final result! 

Final result! 

For the mint green boxes I made a trip to Michaels and found their holiday ribbon wall. It's super marked down right now (60% off!) and I just found a ribbon with gold and silver on it. I also found a tube inexpensive ornaments that I used as the topper along with a gift tag. I found these a while back at my favorite store ever when I lived in Los Angeles but you could just as easily make your own. I think incorporating some lettered stamps would be cute. 

For the holly red boxes I went to the fake flower section at Michaels (again everything was on sale plus they always have 40% off coupons) and bought a sprig of holly leaves and one of holly berries. For each box cut off one leaf and a couple berries and glue the berries to the top of the leaf using hot glue. After you've tied ribbon around the box add a drop of glue to the bottom of the holly leaf and slip it (quickly!) under the ribbon. Then use the bakers twine to tie the tag on.

And that's it! Not too much work and I think it makes a classic American cookie way more festive! Can't wait for more baking once finals O_o are over!