Cookie Care Packages + New Year's Resolution


I made a new year's resolution this year to buy fewer gifts. 

And I know that sounds super weird and like I'm a cheapskate but let me explain. Both times last year when I got to make the wedding cake for two dear friends of mine instead of buying something off the registry it meant to so much to give them a piece of myself and something so personal, and I thought, why does that just have to be for a wedding? So I want to try to do homemade gifts whenever possible for birthdays, graduations, etc this year! And because I'm not a very gifted artist I think the way I will do it will be through baking. The above photo is a little birthday/going away gift for a friend before she left SLC for a job in LA. I included a couple of the homemade oreos I made here. I put them in mini loaf pans and tied them with baker's twine. 


For the long distance gift I had to get more creative with the packaging. A while ago I sent my friend Mark, who is a surgery intern in San Francisco a cookie care package for his birthday with three types of cookies (all of which freeze well because giving 30 cookies to someone is....a lot). I made peanut butter surprise, chocolate chip, and a breakfast cookie with cranberries, nuts, and white chocolate. I bought plastic tupperware and wrapped the cookies in sheets of paper towel so that they wouldn't jostle around with the mail. I made labels with post-its and tied them up with twine to make it a little more cute.