SQIRL Blackberry Jam


A couple days ago I was at Sprouts and they had an amazing sale on blackberries--3 containers for 5 dollars in JANUARY. So I bought 3, of course, and was looking online for recipe inspiration when I remembered I own Jessica Koslow's Sqirl cookbook. Sqirl is probably my favorite restaurant in LA, and it's my first stop anytime I'm back in LaLaLand (as in I literally drive there from LAX no matter the traffic). This jam is from the cookbook and my favorite part is it is so versatile. You can use any fruit and any amount. Just weigh your fruit in grams, and then get the # grams of sugar by calculating 60% of the fruit weight, along with 2% of the fruit weight in lemon juice.

For example, I had 500 grams of blackberries. I needed 300 grams of white sugar, sice 500 x 0.6 = 300. By that logic I also needed 10g of lemon juice. That's it! You can make as much or as little as you desire. 

First, before you do anything, put a glass plate in the freezer. This will make sense later. 


To start, pulse rinsed and weighed blackberries in food processor. Leave them a tiny bit chunky. 


Add to heavy-bottomed pot, along with sugar and lemon juice. Stir on medium-high heat. It will start to boil. Keep stirring!!! You don't want it to burn. 


As you work, try to skim off any of the foam from the top of the pot. This will give you super clear jam. Just keep stiring while you do this! Mine took 25 minutes or so of constant stirring while boiling. If you have a thermometer, the mixture should read about 210 fah when it's ready to test. When you feel like it's thickened and jam-like and it reads 210 or close to there, take your frozen plate out and drop a dollop of jam on the plate. Put it in the freezer for 1 minute, then run your finger through it. It should leave a part (Jessica calls it parting the red sea) and it should furrow like a brow. If your jam doesn't do this, return it to the heat for 2 more minutes and keep checking with the plate method until it's done. 

^^Parting the "Red Sea" 

^^Parting the "Red Sea" 


Transfer to glass container and let it cool before placing a lid on. Enjoy with anything and everything! 


Thanks for reading! Xx